Gold Level External Sign

External Shop Signs

Mark got in touch with us as he wanted to modernise the look of his business premises. His existing External sign had been in place for over 20 years and was a painted ply backboard with all the detail hand painted in gold. It was a great example of how external signs used to be produced and showed a very high level of skill involved as the detail in some sections was very intricate. For the new external sign he wanted to keep the same colour scheme but at the same time give the shop a complete fresh look.

As soon as we showed Mark the initial proof and how we envisioned producing his external sign he was on board and could not wait to see the finished product.

First we fixed matt black composite sheets to the existing fascia to give us the base for the external sign. Then on the front face we applied a built up tray panel which had 50mm returns and filled 50% of the front face. Once all panels were in place we then applied profile cut mirrored gold external vinyl to all of the panels and to the face of stood off 10mm clear acrylic letters.

This stunning External sign spans 6.5m on the front elevation and 8.5m on the side elevation.

Mark has been receiving great feedback on the installation and has already referred new customers to us on the back of it.

“What can I say wow amazing what a difference it has made to the shop front. Helen and I are very pleased with the signage.”