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  • Timber Subframe for Fascia Signage, Blackpool
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  • Tattoo Shop Sign Blackpool
  • The Tattoo Lounge Fascias External Signage, Blackpool

The Tattoo Lounge Fascia External Signage

In November we completed the installation of new fascia external signage and window Graphics to the fascia of The Tattoo Lounge on Park Road in Blackpool.

The fascia had just had a new timber frame constructed but upon closer inspection we discovered that it was not level, had been packed out incorrectly and had been faced off with normal ply, which would have only lasted a couple of months in the rainy Blackpool weather.

What this meant was that we needed to strip it back to the base, construct a new ladder frame and then face off with marine grade external ply. Only then could we start to install the face panels for the fascia. We applied matt black alupanels and boxed off the top edge with a folded piece the full length of the external signage. This folded piece ran into the guttering behind the sign and was siliconed in to ensure no water would get in behind the sign. We then dressed the face of the signage with a mixture of stand off acrylic Lettering and profile cut vinyls.

But we were not finished there! We cladded underneath the fascia with the same matt black, and then fitted new frosted vinyls to every window on the building, the transformation of the front of this shop is stunning and reflects the top quality tattoos that Danny and his team produce on a daily basis. Make sure to take a look at The Tattoo Lounge’s Danny’s Facebook page or visit their Blackpool shop.

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