The Blackpool Tower circus has an amazing history, from the famous Charlie Cairoli to the current Mooky the clown. The circus has had some amazing acts ove the years and when the Circus was given a new queing area for guests waiting to see the latest show the guys down at the Tower realised this was a great chance to show the history to all the guests.

Working alongside Mediaprint Solutions Ltd, the circus came up with a series of designs that acted as timeline from the very first show right up to present day, once the designs had been agreed that’s where we came in. We printed and applied Wall Graphics to over 30 walls in attraction, printed on a long lasting product with a protective matt laminate, the prints not only look stunning but are hard wearing and wipeable, this is a must in area’s of such high numbers of people passing by them. Here are a few images of some of the walls;

IMG_2111 IMG_2110 IMG_1925 IMG_1922