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 Student Accommodation Wallcoverings, Liverpool

Wallcoverings are a great way to spice up a space, particularly if you want to show off your branding to potential visitors.

In June this year we were approached by Create Construction, a contractor and construction company, and  we were asked to produced printed wallcoverings for them. They then wanted us to install them to over 50 Stairwells at a Student accommodation in Liverpool.

This project required days of planning, weeks of production and then took a 3 weeks period for installation. We had a 3 teams consisting of 2 men each. Our work has since been recognised by Metamark UK, who we purchased all the materials from to produce the wallcoverings.

Metamark UK were so impresses with our wallcoverings that they released a press article on there web page, which you can visit here. Please take a look at their post, we are very proud of our work with Create Construction and the materials used by Metamark UK helped us to create a bespoke signage for the students to enjoy.

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